With so many dimensions to the sustainability challenges facing our world, maximizing the impact Mosaic can have as a global corporate citizen demands a specific vision.

Mosaic's mission is both simple and ambitious — we help the world grow the food it needs. We envision a world where a sustainable global agricultural system provides each person with the nourishment to survive and thrive. Realizing this vision literally starts here at Mosaic.

Crop nutrients are essential to achieving agricultural efficiency and higher output. Mosaic's agronomists work globally, advising retailers, distributers and farmers on the best ways to increase their agricultural yields sustainably. A balanced approach to crop nutrition requires that the right nutrients are applied at the right time, at the right rate and in the right place. This ensures the nutrients stay in the crop and increase yields.

We also partner widely with the brightest minds at top universities to advance our knowledge, and with NGOs and industry associations to share best management practices with farmers. As one of the world's leading crop nutrient companies, it's a privilege to play a fundamental role in agricultural advancements.

Of course, with privilege comes responsibility. Mosaic takes the profound sense of purpose that we derive from our mission and extends it to other aspects of corporate responsibility.

It all starts with Mosaic's employees and the relentless pursuit of an injury-free workplace. Since 2009, Mosaic's lost-time incident frequency rate has decreased by 33 percent, to a rate of 0.18 per 200,000 hours worked. As the CEO of Mosaic, I am personally invested in the goal of ensuring that every one of our employees and contractors returns home safe at the end of each work day.

We are dedicated to being a good steward of the land, and before we mine we set aside sensitive areas for permanent protection. To date, we have proposed or placed approximately 21,000 acres of sensitive habitat into permanent conservation easement. Additionally, we reclaim at least every acre we mine. Last year alone Mosaic planted 1.3 million trees as part of our reclamation efforts.

"We envision a world where a sustainable global agricultural system provides each person with the nourishment to survive and thrive. Realizing this vision literally starts here at Mosaic."

Reducing Mosaic's water and carbon footprints are other key areas of focus. Today, approximately 90 percent of all the water we use in our North American mining and manufacturing operations is either reused or recycled. Through waste heat capture, we generate our own carbon emissions-free electricity. Since 2005, we have reduced direct energy consumption in our U.S. operations by approximately 21 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 11 percent.

Finally, as a member of the global community, Mosaic strives to positively impact families around the world. More than one billion people work on smallholder farms worldwide — many of them barely growing enough food to survive. Through the Mosaic Villages Project, we bring our crop nutrients and expertise to local farmers in India, Guatemala and seven African countries. Farmers involved in these projects have increased their yields three to five times over traditional farming practices, impacting hundreds of thousands of lives and moving families from despair to hope.

Mosaic's second Sustainability Report conveys the tremendous pride we take in building sustainable practices into every aspect of how we operate our business. Our journey to a sustainable tomorrow starts here.


James T. Prokopanko
President and Chief Executive Officer