Mosaic is one of the world's leading producers of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients. The experience and market strength of an industry veteran, the energy of a young enterprise — this duality is unique in our sector and allows Mosaic flexibility for innovation in an established industry.

Our world-class mining and processing operations produce more than 10 percent of the world's potash and phosphate supplies. We move these products through the value chain to wholesalers and retailers through our extensive global distribution system. We have key distribution facilities in eight countries, serving wholesalers, retail dealers and individual growers in approximately 40 countries. Mosaic also offers value-added services, such as tools to assist in application rates of crop nutrients and other customized services that increase both crop and economic yields. We have a rich legacy of experience and innovation, producing a line of premium products that offers greater nutrient delivery with lower application rates.

With unique products and services, facilities around the world, and a diverse customer base, we are truly helping the world grow the food it needs.

Phosphate Fact Sheet
Mosaic is the world's largest producer of finished phosphate products, with an annual capacity of 9.7 million tonnes. Our principal phosphate production facilities are located in Florida and Louisiana. We operate four mines and three concentrates plants in Florida that produce phosphate fertilizer and animal feed products, as well as a concentrates plant in Louisiana that produces phosphate fertilizer.

WHY CROPS NEED PHOSPHATE Phosphate, or phosphorus, is known as "the energizer" in crop nutrients, playing a key role in photosynthesis and providing the following benefits to growing plants:
  • Improves root growth
  • Advances maturity; lowers grain moisture at harvest
  • Leads to higher crop quality
  • Increases water use efficiency
  • Increases yields
Potash Fact Sheet
Mosaic's potash production capabilities are the third largest in the world, with an annual peaking capacity of 10.3 million tonnes. Our principal Potash operations are located in Canada and the United States. We operate three mines in Saskatchewan, Canada, including the world's largest potash mine in Esterhazy, as well as mines in New Mexico and Michigan.

WHY CROPS NEED POTASH Potash, or potassium, is known as "the regulator" of crop nutrients and provides the following benefits to growing plants:
  • Leads to the formation of a larger and deeper root system
  • Reduces water loss and wilting
  • Regulates nitrogen uptake
  • Increases protein content in some crops
  • Reduces lodging caused by weak stalks