The Mosaic Company's core business is an energy-intensive endeavor. Our three-pronged approach of energy management through cogeneration, conservation and greater efficiency aims to lead the industry in reducing the energy we use and maximizing the clean energy we generate.

  • Mosaic's worldwide operations have improved overall energy efficiency by approximately 14 percent, or 0.9 gigajoules (GJ), of purchased direct and intermediate energy per finished product tonne from 2009 to 2010.
  • Approximately 12 percent of Mosaic's global electricity purchases are generated from renewable sources, including hydro-electric and wind power.
  • Up to 100 percent of the electricity used in our Brazilian operations comes from hydro-electric sources.
  • Mosaic launched two specialized programs that target energy savings through productivity enhancement, operation efficiency analysis and accountability. These programs, Momentum 2012 and ROIC Works! (return on invested capital), assist in the coordination of energy and resource management between the Potash and Phosphates business units, respectively.
  • In 2010, our Phosphate operations generated approximately 5.5 million GJ of electrical energy through cogeneration, where energy is created from the waste heat produced in the crop nutrient production process without any fossil fuel combustion or carbon emissions. We used 4.4 million GJ of this electricity ourselves, reducing our utility expense by 50 percent, and then sold the remaining cogenerated 1.1 million GJ of power to local power companies. Our Belle Plaine potash facility reduced its energy cost by coordinating with a neighboring facility to capture waste heat in a mutually beneficial way. This agreement offset 0.2 million GJ of potential energy consumption in 2010. In addition, Belle Plaine cogenerated 0.9 million GJ of energy, using waste heat from gas-fired boilers.
  • The increased use of video conferencing will reduce the need for long-distance travel, thereby reducing our energy footprint. Additionally, several of our Potash locations initiated alternative work schedules, with the goal of reducing employee fuel consumption.
  • As part of our commitment to reducing energy consumption, Mosaic's global headquarters in Minnesota and its new Florida headquarters are both gold LEED certified. At our Potash facilities, the new Colonsay mill dry complex and new Regina office building are being designed to achieve LEED silver status.