Transportation is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions for companies globally. By working together to minimize fuel costs and maximize fuel efficiencies, we are lowering costs to our customers and the environment.

The Mosaic Company's global distribution network, a key differentiator, gives us an unparalleled advantage in efficiently moving more than 50 million tonnes of raw materials and finished products each year. On an average day, Mosaic moves approximately 50,000 tonnes of crop nutrients around the world through one of the largest distribution networks in the industry. We evaluate a variety of metrics, including fuel use, emissions, return on investment and the impacts on local communities, in order to keep Mosaic's system running at top performance.

  • We are capitalizing on our supply chain efficiencies, where possible, and utilizing a combination of vessels, barges, rail and trucks for optimal transportation.
  • By building relationships with local service providers and suppliers (those within a 100-mile radius of our facilities), we are driving down fuel consumption and supporting local economies. In 2010, local vendors satisfied 61 percent of our supply chain needs in Phosphates and 57 percent in Potash.
  • When distance traveled is less than 50 miles, trucking is generally the most reliable and cost-effective mode of transport. During the 2011 reporting period, Mosaic and its trucking partners used various fuel-saving initiatives, including:

  Back-hauling to reduce "dead head," or empty loads. Phosphate operations' port-to-plant trucking achieved a 77 percent rate of back-hauling in 2010 and have set a goal of 90 percent.

  Automatic engine shut-offs and reduced intra-company truck scaling to reduce engine idle time.

  Faster loading processes to reduce fuel consumption and the total number of trucks deployed. Using larger capacity trucks for interplant trucking to reduce the number of trucks on the road by up to 3,000 round trips. Ensuring the safe transportation of goods is a top priority at Mosaic. Our concern for transportation safety has not gone unnoticed. Mosaic received the 2010 award for Chemical Safety Excellence (CSEA) from CSX Transportation, in recognition of the commitment of CSX customers to the safe transportation of chemical compounds by rail.