Responsible use of water is a fundamental component of Mosaic's global sustainability vision. Our water management programs actively engage in facility-specific and business unit-wide initiatives to reduce our water footprint. Facilities continuously monitor and evaluate water use to ensure it is minimized and water recycling and reuse are maximized.

  • Mosaic utilizes a robust environmental management system to maintain and improve the quality of water discharged from our facilities. Regular and rigorous water quality testing ensures that our operations do not adversely affect water quality. Mosaic's focus on water quality led to our partnership with the Tampa Bay Estuary Program and the Tampa Bay Nitrogen Management Consortium.
  • Our Potash facility in Carlsbad, New Mexico, reduced water consumption in 2009 by 10 percent, with an additional 10 percent reduction target for 2012.
  • Mosaic's Canadian Potash facilities help preserve water quality offsite by maintaining a zero-discharge approach, with the capture of all surface water runoff from the sites. Any excess brine from facility operations is evaporated or injected into pre-existing deep brine formations. Our Canadian Potash business unit is able to satisfy approximately 80 percent of its water needs through recycling and reuse.
  • Our U.S. Phosphate operations meet up to 95 percent of total water requirements by importing reclaimed water from municipal wastewater facilities, capturing rainfall, and by recycling and reusing water from our operations.
  • Mosaic's Florida concentrates plants reduced net groundwater consumption from a historic average of 1,700 to 2,000 gallons per tonne of finished phosphate to approximately 1,450 gallons per tonne. This equates to an annual reduction of approximately 1.6 billion gallons of groundwater usage (assuming average production) and has contributed to the proposed 30 percent reduction of permitted groundwater withdrawals.
  • Mosaic is continually updating our long-term water strategy for our Florida operations, with the goal of conserving water resources and reducing the amount of water we impound for operational use. To accomplish this, we are investigating opportunities to reduce consumptive use of groundwater and utilize alternative sources. Over the next several years, Mosaic will implement operational improvements that are aligned with this strategy.