Mosaic considers regulatory changes, evolving consumer behaviors and humanitarian needs as we plan and execute the sustainability strategies that will move our business forward. The Mosaic Company holds itself accountable to all stakeholders for its performance.

We consider sustainability performance goals in conjunction with operational and financial goals and maintain formal governing bodies to ensure that our commitments to sustainability are met. We remain committed to transparency by disclosing our sustainability performance through the Global Reporting Initiative platform and the Carbon Disclosure Project.

In 2010, Mosaic formalized its commitment to sustainability by establishing a Sustainability Steering Committee to ensure company-wide transparency and accountability. This group works to define priorities, needs and performance gaps across the company. The Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainable Development (EHSSD) Committee of Mosaic's Board of Directors provides oversight of the company's overall environmental and sustainability strategy. Their recommendations are comprehensively reviewed by Mosaic's Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team.

In 2011, Mosaic formed an ISO implementation team to accelerate and optimize Mosaic's implementation of the ISO4001 and OHSAS18001 management systems. This team is responsible for building an environment where our sites can achieve and maintain certification.

During the 2011 reporting period, Mosaic conducted an organizational Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) assessment. As a result, we increased frontline EHS staff to ensure consistent coverage across facilities and offices. Individual employees at any level may observe and communicate risks, opportunities and ideas. This information is analyzed, and material matters are presented to the Sustainability Steering Committee, the Senior Leadership Team, the EHSSD Committee and the Board of Directors.

Mosaic is continuing to develop a product stewardship charter. Product stewardship promotes a way of thinking that is consistent with our core values (integrity, excellence, sustainability and connectivity).