The worldwide demand for food and feed is increasing every year. In order to meet these needs, Mosaic is constantly assessing new technologies and designing management practices to deliver higher yields in a sustainable manner.

Through product and service innovation, Mosaic strives to be a world leader in sustainable agricultural production.

  • One of our premium crop nutrient products is MicroEssentials® (MES), a breakthrough, state-of-the-art product that features a patented manufacturing process that ensures uniform nutrient distribution - providing the essential nutrients crops need in just one granule. MES's high concentration results in less product needed per unit of area and, therefore, requires less fuel to ship, deliver and apply to the field.
  • Mosaic recently announced its investment in a capacity expansion to 2.3 million tonnes for MES. This investment will better align future MES supply to demand and allow Mosaic to continue delivering value and innovation to its global customers.
  • MicroEssentials SZ is a premium product for use on all crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat, rice and barley. Every granule contains four vital nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc.
  • K-Mag® delivers potassium, magnesium and sulfur in a single granule, reducing the need for nutrient blends. As with MES, the product increases application efficiency and improves yields.
  • Mosaic has a suite of precision agriculture tools named FieldInsite™ to assist farmers with the correct use of our products. We license and market these tools through selected partnerships with industry leading companies specializing in remote sensing and geographic information systems. Through these partnerships, the tools allow farmers to apply the right rate of fertilizer at the right place in the field. This optimizes nutrient use and potentially reduces the risk of nutrient losses, the amount of energy used and the farm's carbon footprint, all while improving the farmer's profitability. Examples of Mosaic-developed precision agriculture tools include:

    - InSite YPM™ (yield potential maps) utilizes historic satellite imagery to identify crop productivity levels.

    - InSite VRN utilizes InSite YPM, combined with local agronomic knowledge, to pinpoint a field's optimum nutrient requirements and creates a prescription for site-specific crop nutrient application.