The Mosaic Company's pursuit of continuous improvement is only as strong as its Environmental Management System (EMS), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) and quality management tools.

We prioritize increased capacity for sustainability reporting, transparency and accountability, believing that common management systems will streamline reporting that meets the expectations of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) leadership and governmental regulations.

During the 2011 reporting period, Mosaic conducted an assessment of its legacy environmental data management and compliance systems, with the aim of promoting simplicity, utility and accountability. A new system is now being developed that will replace independently developed processes and disparate data management tools that store, organize, evaluate and report environmental monitoring information. We have identified the best total solution that will ensure Mosaic's environmental compliance, sustainability reporting, risk mitigation and user satisfaction going forward.

Mosaic is two years into the process of implementing a company-wide EHS management system, comprised of an ISO14001 EMS and an OHSAS18001 OHSMS. Following the successful ISO pilot projects at the FishHawk office and four operating facilities — Belle Plaine, Colonsay, Riverview and South Fort Meade — Mosaic aims to complete implementation company wide by 2015. Ultimately this will allow us to manage EHS in a more uniform, planned and documented manner. This is vitally important for Mosaic as a global company with sites in culturally and environmentally diverse locations.

A centralized data management system will better facilitate company-wide analysis and decision-making, thereby assisting us in measuring and evaluating our sustainability performance. As management tools integrated with other quality management systems, an EMS and an OHSMS will enable Mosaic to:
  • Implement a systematic approach to setting and measuring Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety objectives and targets,
  • Monitor impacts of our activities, products and services, and
  • Improve our Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety performance continually.