Mosaic's success in supply chain management is rooted in our commitment to high-quality products, rigorous standards, sustainable practices and a truly global perspective. We hold our suppliers, as well as their employees and subcontractors, to the same high standards of business integrity to which we hold ourselves in the Mosaic Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

  • In 2010, Mosaic began pre-qualifying contractors through ISNetworld (ISN), a contractor management system that provides a process to standardize the way we evaluate and approve contractors. ISN allows Mosaic to select contractors that best adhere to our standards.
  • Mosaic allocates over $1 billion to annual transportation and warehouse leasing/operating expenses. These expenses include investments to assist businesses in local communities. Mosaic is currently reviewing expanding ISN certification to key suppliers.
  • Members of our Environmental, Health and Safety team audit suppliers and contractors to ensure compliance with Mosaic's safety policies. In 2011, Mosaic began including contractor safety performance with other employee safety reports.
  • Mosaic is further developing our product stewardship charter. The Charter is intended to cover a broad range of areas, including ensuring key contract partners are aware of Mosaic's Sustainability Policies. We will also continue to leverage our influence with industry associations and partnerships to develop and implement sustainability best practices.
A strong and environmentally sustainable supply chain must also be supported through long-term investments in the development of sound supply chain management practices. In 2010, Mosaic invested $250,000 with the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota for The Mosaic Company Professorship for Excellence in Corporate Responsibility to support graduate and undergraduate education in responsible business practices. Kingshuk K. (KK) Sinha has been appointed to the professorship. His work on global supply chains supports the idea that sustainability and efficiency are not at odds.